Please consider the following as guidance to help you research the Jewish history of Barbados. This page is for reference and is not meant to be comprehensive.

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Additional Information About the History of Jewish Barbados

Digital Resources

Resources on the history of Ashkenazi Jews in Barbados

Kreindler, Simon. Peddlers All: Stories of the First Ashkenazi Jewish Settlers in Barbados. Toronto: Simon Kreindler, 2017.  Website:

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Foreign press, 1985-2015. Various articles about the Synagogue Restoration Project activities during the process of the site’s restoration process that also touch upon the life of the Barbados Jewish community during those years. These documents have been digitized as part of the Barbados Synagogue Restoration Project Digital Collection and can accessed here. (Click on “Thumbnails” (page 1 and 2) to see an overview or on “Page Images” or “Page Turner” to click through).

Resources on the history of Sephardic Jews in Barbados

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